Visual cube.

This cube becomes the perfect tool to keep track of activities with the child. It allows you to play with colors, shades and lighting, managing to make sequences something fun and entertaining.

Let this cube become the child's favorite toy, involve it into all the activities that require order and/or steps.

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Interact with the child through the wireless control of this device. Establish the diary of the day together; define the steps to do activities like brushing teeth, changing clothes, eating, or more; you could work with concepts related to directions (up, down, in, out). All these elements will be essential to develop future learning of mathematical concepts.

  • Measurements: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm.

  • Lighting in 8 colors.

  • Remote control (iOS / Android).

  • Rechargeable battery.


  • Promotes eye contact.

  • Identification and interest on the other.

  • Regulation.

  • Circular game

  • Group play.

  • Integration:

  • Motor reflexes.

  • Mental flexibility

  • Turns.

  • Sequences.

  • Action / Reaction.

  • Communication

  • Vocabulary: Colors.

  • Concepts: Up, down, to the side, fast, slow.

  • Assistance (Petitions).

Information: Safety guide - Visual cube (SPANISH)

Contact:     /      (+52) 331-497-5286.