Visual board.

The visual board lets you work with the child in action-reaction activities. Through the lighting sectors, create an experience in which you can interact with him / her and teach concepts dynamically.

Turn the visual board into the preferred tool for teaching concepts, word relations and semantic fields to the child.

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Light up any of the 4 areas of the board wirelessly. Allow the child to learn groups of words or objects through this tool. Practice turns, manual tracking instructions (left, right, up, down). Identify objects and the power they have to control the lighting of the board by placing them in different positions.

  • Measurements: 35cm x 35cm x 7cm.

  • Multicolor lighting in 4 sectors.

  • Adherible surface.

  • Remote control (iOS / Android).


  • Rhythmic Regulation / Self-regulation.

  • Communication

  • Vocabulary: Colors.

  • Verbal repertoire in semantic fields.

  • Logical-mathematical notions: Up, down, left, right.

  • Simple statements.

  • Mental flexibility

  • Turns.

  • Sequences.

  • Action / Reaction.

  • Short-term memory.

  • Integration

  • Motor reflexes.

Information: Safety guide - Visual board (SPANISH)

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