Tactile cube.

The tactile cube allows you to tell the child that he/she has done something good, that he has accomplished an important goal for both, etc., it functions as a perfect enhancer for activities at home.

This cube will be not only his/her favorite toy but also an ideal tool for monitoring activities during therapy and / or at home.

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Use the attraction that the child has for the vibration to familiarize him/her with different textures found in a regular day basis. Indicate by vibration when an activity starts and ends. Have fun swapping with him / her the textures and colors of the cube. Identifies which one is his / her favorite cube.

  • Measurements: 12cm x 12cm x 12cm.

  • Tactile stimulation (Vibration).

  • Interchangeable liners (different textures and academic contents).

  • Rechargeable Battery.


  • Promotes eye contact.

  • Identification and interest in the other.

  • Regulation.

  • Circular game

  • Group play.

  • Integration

  • Texture recognition.

  • Relaxation.

  • Motor reflexes.

  • Mental flexibility

  • Upper and Lower Gross Motor Coordination

  • Action / Reaction.

  • Communication

  • Monitoring indications.

  • Body schema.

  • Vocabulary: Vocals, figures, numbers, colors.

  • Assistance (Petitions).

Information: Safety guide - Tactile cube (SPANISH)

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