What are theLudabytoys?

The Ludaby toys use sensory stimulation (visual, auditory and tactile) as the learning channel, thus promoting a higher level of attention from the child and therefore more willingness to acquire new knowledge and skills, useful for pursuing academic and therapeutic goals that can be taken home.

The Ludaby tools aim to become the children's favorite toys and the perfect educational tool for their parents and therapists.

Ludabytoy lines

Visual Victor's

Designed for children who have an affinity for visual elements.

Visual cube

Visual board

Motive surface

Tactile Tati's

Designed for children who have an affinity for tactile elements.

Tactile cube

Turncolor board

Auditive Anthony's

Designed for children who have an affinity for auditive elements.

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Who has used Ludaby toys?

Ludaby knows that each kid is unique, and that is why we are currently working with institutions specialized in autism in Jalisco, Mexico; such as Psicología y Neurodesarrollo, Trascendiendo el Autismo (TEA), Terapia Integral para Niños con Autismo (TINA) and Centro Psicopedagógico Atzán; in order to allow children to interact with our products, to thereby identify the most appropriate learning channel for each of them, managing that each development by Ludaby suits the needs, abilities, challenges and interests of each child.

Contact:    info@ludaby.com     /      (+52) 331-497-5286.