About Us

In 2011, Project Abby was born, an initiative created by Electronic Engineers from the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Guadalajara, at Jalisco, Mexico, that aimed to develop tools that promoted the integral development of people with autism in areas like learning, communication and adaptability; simplifying their inclusion to society.

Thanks to the support from specialized institutions in Jalisco, Mexico such as Fundación HACE, Centro Terapéutico ATZÁN, Trascendiendo el Autismo and T.I.N.A., three years later, this project has received diverse national and international awards (1st Place - Dell Education Challenge 2013, 1st Place - Santander's Award for Business Innovation 2014, 1st Place - Entrepreneur Challenge INC Mty 2014) and has generated campaigns that help families that live in economic disadvantage (the campaign I AM SANTA 2014 will help over 300 families of kids with autism by providing them with toys and specialized follow-up by psychologists and therapists in 2015).

Ludaby is the conception of everything that Project Abby has looked from the start. Ludaby knows that every kid is unique, that's why it creates technological tools and toys based on each kid's learning channel, their interests, their abilities and challenges, promoting a greater level of attention from the kid and thus a better disposition for them to acquire new knowledge and abilities, during therapy and at home.

Our team

Ludaby has a team of professionals in various fields of Psychology, Special Education, Engineering, Industrial Design and more, that every day work to create the tools and educational toys that have a greater positive impact on families of children with autism in Latin America.

Each kid is unique, so it is necessary to identify the appropriate learning channel for everyone, because only then can we create tools that suit their needs, abilities, challenges and interests.

Our goal is to create projects that promote the integral development of people with special needs in areas such as learning, communication and adaptability; simplifying their inclusion into society.

In 2018, we will be the leader company in technology solutions for people with special needs in Latin America, designing devices that best suit their needs.

To offer affordable, validated and functional solutions, will lead us to be recognized and recommended by more than 500 institutions in Latin America. In addition to achieving business goals, a big part of our culture is to provide decent jobs and contribute to the development of our employees, their families and thus positively impacting the community. To follow our CSR requires the constant exercise of our ethics, fairness and honesty; thus achieving leadership to implement schemes aimed at service, respect and solidarity.

About Ludaby

Contact:    info@ludaby.com     /      (+52) 331-497-5286.